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Time to bring out the big guns.  

A bi-eyed golden Siberian? Whatever she is she is super cute. We are almost sure she is golden retriever and she got a blue eye from those husky genes her mama has.

I have only raised $3688 so far today and guys, I need to conquer that challenge my dear friend gave to me to earn 10k for the rescue and she would pitch in another 10.

Please help! If you will donate $50 I’ll give you a chance to win the car pictured below.

We need to install a septic system for the huskies 600 piles of daily poop and we need to do it now! Our garbage companies have dumped us and we are stock piling it at this point.

It’s my birthday! Can I ask you to please donate towards the match so that I can take care of this crappy problem, right now.

You can donate to our Facebook post or our digital accts, PayPal, Venmo and Zelle are Your donation is tax deductible!! Thank you!

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