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The Book is Here!

I am excited to announce that the book that I collaborated with Pine Ridge Siberians and Cameo Anderson - Writer / Illustrator on, IS HERE!!! I received the proof today and it’s perfect! They are back on my website, for sale as we speak!!

The artwork is stunning, the characters are the huskies you see in the video and the book in my child’s hands, a dream come true.

Everyone that ordered the book on the presale, 200 were sold in 10 hours BTW, will get an autographed copy. If you don't want your copy autographed, please shoot me a message.

Thank you so, so much for your support. I look forward to each of you holding your book. Think about the lives you save when you do and tell the kiddos that read the book how they could change the world and that it starts with them.

Every dime from the sale of this book, goes to the rescue. If you would like to order the books in bulk for your school, reach out please for a better price. These books are made and priced to help H3 save lives.

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Will you make another order?!


I love it!! I hope you know all of you at H3 have my respect and admiration so much!! So loving, and your boys (beautiful souls) reading and playing guitar with all those huskies!! I literally well up with pride and love when I speak of you guys, to everyone all the time, and then I say “she is so wonderful and her boys even read and play guitar for them husky babies!! Wonderful human beings in a time when humanity is disappointing! Gives me faith that there are still GOOD PEOPLE out there!! Thank you doesn’t even seem to cut it❤️

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