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Shelter Challenge Reminder: Featuring Kavik!

Changing it up a little today with two amazing pictures of Kavik to remind you to vote in the shelter challenge today! There are 8 days left to vote and you can vote every day!

Now Kavik here is staying at our hub in Minnesota with Taylor. This is what she has to say about him. " Kavik has super soft fur, he loves toys especially playing fetch. Great with humans, not great around cats. He is highly driven, so once he focuses on something he will obsess over it. Very food motivated and does great on an established routine. Loves the water. Loves lounging outside with a bone for hours with no care in the world. Kennel trained and does well alone when he is left."

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So Cute!


My husband and I vote everyday ❤️


Voting everyday 🥰🥰🥰❣️ Kavik is gorgeous 😍

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