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Ruby's Original Rescue Story

*This is when Ruby came to us. For those interested in her original rescue. We still have not seen or heard from Ruby. And Taylor has not responded to our messages. *

DOG I love her.

This is Ruby. You are about to cry.

I haven’t stopped much but, well, I am holding it in in the form of a lump in my throat. I’ll apologize now for being so dramatic about it but I feel it’s my mission to show you the real in rescue.

I have not heard Rubys whole story yet because I am not the one that saved her life. I am merely the lucky one that gets to see to it that she gets her life back.

From what I understand, and I welcome her street rescuers to chime in, Ruby was running loose on the streets of Juarez, Mexico and was hit by a car. She laid in the streets for two months, the vet she finally saw said she was in horrendous pain, and wasted away before her street rescuer and foster picked her up and started reaching out for anyone that could help. Rubys second angel stepped in and made sure she got the vet care she needed, the rescue org to give her her life back, her rescue ride out of Mexico complete with all her paperwork and health certs, spayed the works and the heart big enough to follow through until she handed her off to Rob so that she could be halfway home. But before that her 3rd angel came through with the request to take in a medical case. Britney decided that this request was one we couldn’t ignore and she asked me to take a look knowing I would say no, but I could hear it in her heart that we needed to help this girl. So I said yes. Two months. My mind races with all the scenery. Did anyone see and try to help her? Did anyone feed her? Why feed her and not try to do more? Apparently her owners stopped feeding her, I guess they just was waiting for her to die. I wish I didn’t, but I see her lying there dying and it’s killing me we couldn’t save her sooner. I imagine the pain and fear for two months. You understand that dogs feel pain and fear like we do, now put yourself on the streets with a broken back and no one helping you. That’s what she went through and it tears me to pieces.

But she is here now and she isn’t in any pain. Her broken back is already set in its permanent position and she will never use those legs again.

Welcome to H3 Ruby, we got your back. Soon you will forget that it’s broken.

I posted a video of her on YouTube and Patreon as well as H3TV, of course. Go check it out and don’t forget to subscribe.

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Bellisima Benelli
Bellisima Benelli
26 sept 2023

This girl has tugged at my heart strings from day one. I so wanted her to have the Happy Ever After Fur life. I pray that we hear something about her that she is ok and H3 can find her 🙏 ❤️❣️❣️❣️

Me gusta
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