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Rescue ride, foster bound, funds needed.

It’s time! 9 dogs going to foster homes and one kiddo getting adopted. We need to cover the health certs and/or CVI for each dog and since they are going all over the country some are more expensive than others. We need gas, lots of it and who wants to throw in a little extra so Mike and Cody, who is the one getting adopted, can have chicken treats and hot coffee along the way? For the next 7 days Mike will be van camping and walking dogs in the cold. For hours. He needs hot coffee funds.

Follow along as we update on the kiddos going into homes and meet their new foster families. Donate if you can, we literally cannot do this without your financial support, and smile big because we are 10 more dogs closer to rescuing again and saving more lives.

You in? You can donate on the front page of my website, and it goes straight to the charity accts.

The huskies say Thank you!

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