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Rescue Ride for Rendi and Aurora

Rescue Ride, Ready girls? Time for forever.

! Important Rescue Announcement!

In all the years of rescue Jenni our founder has never taken time off. 4 years, Blood sweat and tears. Today that changes, she will be unavailable for a week. She is mentally exhausted and is taking a week to gather her thoughts and plan the future of H3 and her own future. Going further I, Britney will be posting this week.

~Urgent messages can be sent to Britney Murdock and or H3 messenger~

What falls under urgent? -Your an adopter and need help with our pup. -Your one of our fosters need help/ supplies -You can write grants/ help us apply for them -Looking to donate but aren’t sure how -Looking to adopt but need help being pointed in the right direction.

Our intake is CLOSED. Please don’t ask if we can take your dog or any husky. The answer is no.

How to help H3 continue: - Adoptions, spread the word. -Donate, we have all the things: Venmo, PayPal, Zelle -9,250 of our followers/ supporters sign up for $10 monthly donation. -Big donors, we need you and we need you now. -Like, comment and share. We have the Facebook performance bonus. 50+ comments helps us earn free money.

Sincerely, PHBIC Britney.

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