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Pop Quiz

Q.1 How many turkeys do you think we will need to feed 240 huskies?

Q.2 How much do you think it will cost?

Answer. Every husky here is getting a Thanksgiving dinner, for most it will be their first ever. So no matter what it costs we have to do this! I am asking for your help cause dang, 240 huskies is a lot of turkey. Can you pitch in $5 by using this link? If you do you get a waffle shot at winning the stuff in the pictures.

Or if you just want to pitch in a few bucks to feed the huskies, we will absolutely use every dime to celebrate them. Who’s in for feeding a bunch of halfway huskies? I also welcome volunteers for cooking and serving. . .Here is the link! This waffle ends Wednesday night at midnight. A Turkey for Every Husky Raffle Ticket | Husky Halfway House #ThanksgivingTurkey #supportrescue #huskyrescue #halfwayhuskythanksgiving

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