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PAYPAL is canceling your monthly donations.

Yep. Can you please check and see and resign using a different form of payment?

Also, my wolf dog tends to draw attention.

Which I need. Bad.

Can I have your attention please? We are now a month and a half into the final year of dealing with social media to pay our bills. Year 5 now and we are to the point where we need that sustainable income I am always crying about otherwise as is, we WILL fail and there will no amount of begging to change it.

It costs way more than $50 THOUSAND dollars every month to run H3 and care for 250 huskies. Every single month.

It’s hard enough asking people for money to run a charity and worse when the platform that accepts your donations, holds it, rejects the payments and bounces things back.

After 5 years using Meta, PayPal and the PayPal giving funds to run the rescue, these platforms are now all glitching and we are losing thousands and thousands every month all because they want me to update the acct but won’t process the update. So big rich companies win while little charities down here lose.

It’s bad enough when the odds are against your success… then when the tools you need don’t work and make it harder, well, not sure how much more of the stress of running H3 like this, I’ll be able to handle.

If a miracle doesn’t happen over the next 6 months then I will literally have to temporarily close our doors to set up whatever income source that can sustain us and run the place based on that, not based on how much help I can get begging for money cause thats no longer working.

The reality is that H3 needs so much help that it’s hard to sustain it through FB begging.

Think of that, people out there that want to start a rescue. Once you do, you have to do what it takes to sustain it. You can’t just throw in the towel and give up.

I won’t throw in the towel and give up. That’s not an option here, but I will downsize my intakes drastically to lower the cost of the monthly so that we don’t have to close the doors at all, not even temporary.

Now, once again I am not saying we are closing or I am giving up or anything other than, with PayPal not paying us and canceling people’s monthly donations, then WTF am I doing here trying to fight a losing battle?

Guys I NEED YOUR HELP. There are over 50 thousands followers here. If you all donated $5 every single month. (250k). I could literally keep every husky in this country safe. I could, and I would.

So how can I get 50k people to help with just $5 a month.

THINK ABOUT THAT REALITY. IF ALL OF H3’s followers donated just $5, we could LITERALLY keep every husky in this country safe.

So can you help me? Its just $5 a month. That’s it. With that we literally save all the huskies.


Please do not use PayPal to donate. Venmo, Zelle and the link on my website are the only ways we are getting our money.

 This link gives you an immediate tax deductible reciept and we continue to rescue at this scale.

How many times have we said we can’t do this without you? Its so true it’s not even funny. Please help.

Just five from each of you and I can and will save every husky in this country. Literally. And yes, with 250k a month I could absolutely do that.

So let’s do it!

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