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Only a few hours left being 24…

I’m looking forward to being 25… I’ll actually be able to remember my age getting closer to raising 25k for my birthday. Today and today only I have a 5k match… only a few hours left. We’ve raised 4,600 of the 5k. FOUR HUNDRED TO GO!!!!!!!

This was March of this year. Man the places I’ve been and the places I’ll get to go rescuing dogs and getting them home. I LOVE WHAT I DO & WHO I GET TO DO IT WITH!!! This trip was once in a lifetime, my first time ever going to CA and Jenni gave me the grand tour but to top it we saved so many lives. 19 from CA, we went crazy. As many as we could load into the van we took. It was always “what’s one more” I also got to see Jenni in action saving a dog thousands of miles away. Hati, he was in Kentucky and we needed to get him to KEY asap!!! The world stopped around Jenni until she knew our team was on it. Then everything else resumed. Impressed was an understatement.

When we were coming back through OK we stopped at multiple shelters and FILLED the van we no longer needed sleeping space so we pulled whoever we could that day. The highs of saving so many. Man I’ll never forget it front row seats and boots on the ground. Then this trip look an unexpected turn. Rusty was sick and the vets couldn’t figure it out so we needed to get him to key. I was at the airport about to go in when Jenni asked if I wanted to drive him… umm hell yeah! So I ran over got a rental car and me and Rusty drive to KEY Animal Hospital - Karl E. Yurko DVM so he could get the best of the best. Got to meet Hati while I was there too! Jen and Karl eventually adopted Hati. Rusty is doing great at the rescue, now waiting his forever home, however he comes with a plus one, Ian! I have so much more to share but I think we will have to talk about it tomorrow.

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