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Niko Says Thank You

Niko is spinning out of control with all of your monthly support he says thank you!!

We still need 7,825 of our supporters/ followers to sign up for $10 monthly support & this week we are doing a waffle around it. So, you don’t want to miss out!

So, if you sign up for $10 or more monthly support between today and Sunday you will be entered into our surprise waffle. Husky stuff will be included if you’ve already signed up don’t worry you’ve already been entered!

This is a very, very achievable goal & I would love to surprise Jenni with this goal being achieved before she gets back!! All we want to do is rescue and rescue is stressful enough, let’s take the money stress out of the equation!

So together we can, until they all have homes.

~Disclaimer, Niko’s tail is perfectly fine. It had to be shaved due to the horrible matting and yuck in his tail. Please don’t ever shave your husky/ double coated dog unless medically necessary~

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