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New Sister Day

See those two creamy colors huskies? They are brothers. Littermates even. They became Jersey boys a long time ago and the other day, Britney dropped off a little sister for them to terrorize. Cause that's what brothers do.

These two brothers came so close to losing each other.

It was 2.5 years ago that I was tagged on a husky about to be euthanized in a shelter in Texas. I agreed to save his life. Then I learned that he had come in with another husky, so I agreed to save his life too. Good thing cause they would not have survived without each other.

I'll never forget bringing them back together after the shelter separated them. They both cried for each other and to this day, I thank God for the networker that begged me to take the other one.

Brothers for life, and now a new little sister in tow. So, so grateful for my families and especially when they are repeat adopters.

Happy new sister day, boys. Thank you for needing her, like you, this little girl is #nolongerhalfwayhome #adopted #adoptionsaveslives #huskyrescue

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