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Movie night!

But I am going to ask you to skip the popcorn and donate the money to the huskies instead.

I'll be going live around 8 CST to introduce you to my new kid, but first, it's time for the next rescue ride!! Melissa is driving her own van this time to save money, cause the big

van is double the cost. She will also hit the Loves travel stops when she needs a rest and save on hotels. She is headed to TN and then to MD to drop a puppy with Britney so she can take her to her mom.

Check out my huskies getting loaded up to go to their foster homes in TN! They need supplies if you can swing it, cash for gas, I always say to eat something fun we can't get in Eufaula, plus monthly preventions and food to send home to their foster and well, we could really use some help.

what do you say. Got $5 on it? Venmo, PayPal and Zelle leads to a

tax deductible receipt and gets these kids to their foster homes.

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