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Baby girl here, who needs a name, is on her way with me halfway home. We have about 12 hours to go.

This past weekend H3 had its first annual golf fundraiser in LA County and raised enough money to save 6 dogs. Since the fundraiser was to benefit LA county, I decided to ask another rescuer to pick out the 6 that get to go halfway home with me. (I don’t have pull rights in LA County). This little girl is among the lucky 6, and she has a very important message and an important PSA.

I’ll start with the public service apology.

I really want to publicly apologize to the people behind the messages, fB messages and emails I have been ignoring. It was literally affecting my mental health and lively hood to have to constantly say “no, I’m sorry I dont have space.” while anticipating the nasty responses and google reviews. So not answering was my answer. Going forward, my team will simply send this picture.

H3 has 240 huskies in rescue that desperately need homes so we are going to spend the next few months finding homes and building out our spay and neuter clinic.

Hang in there guys, we are busting our asses to get this done so we can pull more out of the shelters, but pulling means placing which is the most important part of the rescue. Please continue to support H3 and understand when you see this photo in your reply box.

In the meantime, this is a week of giving thanks and even having the option of building our own spay and neuter operation, well, I just cannot thank you enough. #wearestuffed #pleaseadopt #halfwayhome #supportrescue

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1 Comment

Bellisima Benelli
Bellisima Benelli
Nov 20, 2023

Beautiful baby girl and hope she gets a home fast. So glad you made the goal for a spay and neuter clinic!! 🥰😍😘🙏❣️

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