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Ahhh rescue. Killing me.. serious.. I need help guys. I am just not earning enough to pay the bills and do this concrete. Yesterday we paid over 6k worth of vet bills. (would be happy to show that, I’ll add in the comments) and FB is still holding over 10k, my concrete money, that should have been given to us at the beginning of this month.

Can you buy a raffle ticket please? We have two available, one is free when you buy something from our wishlist and the other is 5 for that cute Halloween husky pillow. But most important is that concrete money that I had to dig into, to pay the vet bill.

Rescue is killing me. Please help me rescue my rescue.

And look.. Here is a damn good reason to support this rescue. Look at this sweet girl,

Misty. I rescued this girl from the Devore shelter in CA. It’s sooo hard to smile when your so close to so much torture and abuse. I wish I could hug it away from her.

I am going to paint you a quick scary little picture. Imagine being a puppy and living in a disgusting all dirt back yard. Your owner puts a collar on you when you are young then tethers that collar to something so you can’t go far or run away. You grow and that collar doesn’t. So it cuts into your neck and buries itself deep inside and start to grow skin around it. It’s ok though, because when the flies were constantly chewing and eating your ears, it distracts you from the pain in your neck. Now imagine lying there nursing babies. But wait. There is more. Your last baby is done and that wound on your neck stinks so your owner picks you up and drives you to a place where he can dump you. Then animal control finds you and takes you to a scary, loud shelter. But hey, it’s daily food, water and sleeping on concrete, and ohhh that neck feels good now because the shelter had the collar removed. Then Mike from H3 walks in…

Any chance you can make a tax deductible donation to help me keep doing this without drowning in all the stress? Venmo, PayPal, my website, all tax deductible and every dime goes to this operation, an operation I want so badly to sustain. Please help me save lives and help me save thousands more. Till they all have homes.

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2 commenti

23 ott 2023

I can't even imagine all the pain she went through for years. Thank you so very much for rescuing her and giving her her life back!!

Mi piace

Anne Mortensen
Anne Mortensen
18 ott 2023

Sending a donation via paypal. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do. I live in California and it breaks my heart with all the huskies in the shelters. 💕

Mi piace
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