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Mia is no longer halfway home

Rescue Ride.. day 9, final stretch.

🌪️Ian decided that today would be the day that we would get to be home instead of yesterday. A reroute that was totally worth the extra time.

I miss the halfway huskies bad. I miss all that sass.. way too quiet in this van.

This was the first trip of 3 immediately planned to get the numbers down at H3 so we don’t drown in our own debt. The survival of H3 means that maintaining a count of 50 huskies, including my sanctuary kids, it truly is what we have to do if we want to stay open.

But good news, it made me more open to having fosters. I will maintain the fact that the huskies come to me for a period of time before going into fosters so please do not come to me with shelter pull requests saying you will foster. If you would like for me to save a dog you saw on FB stuck in a shelter then I will need you to foster one that has already gone through time at H3.

Even more good news, I will continue to rescue and continue to allow fosters as long as I can get people to step up to help with the costs. I’ll be continuously asking for donations for medical cases, as well as transport costs.

Once numbers at H3 are down and everyone is settled in foster homes we can start rescuing more. In the meantime, the search continues for ”halfway hubs”.

SO, would you like to be a “halfway hub” for H3?

Let’s talk about what that actually means. Being a halfway hub means that I am trusting you with a piece of my heart. I personally made the decision to rescue each one of these kids and then personally rescued them myself. Next I brought them into my space where my human kids and my kitties live, I get to know them, I get to know their personalities, and I get to know what they’re capable of. I let them sleep in my bed, most of them anyway, but the most important thing that happens first is a reminder to each husky that he or she is a husky. I take them back to their roots, to where they feel comfortable the most.

I have a pretty strong rule at H3, and that’s that no husky is left alone from the moment they put their paws on my property they are placed in the same space as another husky. Nope, I do not give them time to decompress. I do not introduce them slowly to the other Huskies, I don’t lock them in a kennel or let them get so cornered and scared when they first arrive they immediately lose trust. Huskies need other huskies and like a human child transitioning can be hard and after having over 650 huskies in my space I can tell you that the best thing you can do for a scared husky that just came out of the shelter or an abusive situation is to put them in a pack of other huskies, where they can forget about everything else, except just being a husky. 

Once opened up, and I’ve been able to evaluate their true personalities, then I go on a search to find them a home, a home that I can trust for the rest of their life. a home that understands that if they are a foster that the husky is “mine”, but it if they decide to adopt that the husky is “ours”.

With all that said, becoming a “halfway hub” doesn’t cost anything except a little of your time and space. I’ll do the begging to help save that life, get them to you, make sure we have funds for any vetting needed for adoption, and see to it that you’re supported for the rest of the time that you allow my husky in your home.

Who wants to be a halfway hub? Message the page please and Britney and I will send you a foster application.

Out of state hubs welcome!!

👇 My girl Mia as I squeezed her precious face goodbye.

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1 Comment

Cara Shields
Cara Shields
Oct 01, 2022

Sweet Mia, enjoy your new life! 💕

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