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Look at me, all HBIC, about two years ago…

Really though, I didn’t know anything back then and I am sure that I won’t know anything years from now.

They will always keep me guessing, always teach me, challenge me and love me unconditionally.

Well, most of them anyway.

I’ll always fight for them and rid ourselves from what hinders us, because we know that it’s life or death. For each one of these dogs, it was a matter of life and death.

I want to save thousands more, but I am so impatient and filled with anxiety every single day about the huskies that get euthanized that I cannot rescue because I don’t have enough homes. But rescuing dogs from being euthanized in shelters isn’t the answer. It’s the band aid.

I need to focus on the answer and that's a spay and neuter clinic and I need it happen now. Every single day that passes is another day that huskies don’t get homes and more die in shelters and it’s killing me.

Finishing the clinic means onsite vet care for the huskies here, low to no cost spay and neuters for the community, I’ll sell stuff to pay for that, but most important is helping to control the population of unwanted dogs and cats.

Please help. I am so desperate I started a GoFundMe. Not that I think it’s desperate to use GoFundMe me, it’s more about having just another Avenue to help raise money for these dogs.

I am going to pass this GoFundMe around a lot because I need to hit this exact goal. I’ll be posting lots of cute husky things that could be yours to help make this happen. I have a couple of raffles ready to go and a desperate plea for help.

All digital ways to donate charge fees. All of them except Zelle. So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to measure the success of this campaign by using the GoFundMe. I am def not saying don’t donate in other ways, only that there is usually a fee anyway so this visual might be more interesting.

So, will you donate and help me get to this goal? Every single donation made to this Gofundme is getting a personal thank you from me. It’s a surprise. It isn’t much but it means a lot that you care this much to help me make this happen.

Btw, GoFundMe goes through PayPal Giving Fund and donations are tax deductible.

So, you in? Can you GoFundMe please? There it is.

Or buy a raffle ticket? Or both? Please?

Come on, help a husky rescuer out. I promise to save lots of huskies if you do.

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