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Let's Chat About This Cutie Pie

I want to tell you about each of them! I am so excited that another 10 are getting their lives back but extra excited for this one.

Yesterday I went into Riverside for Stanley. And I wanted to help one more. So I asked the coordinator to tell me who was up for euth that day and why.

He brought me info on this guy. He said he was aggressive on intake and they were unable to give him shots cause he was trying to bite them. They would come to his kennel and he would try to bite. I don’t blame them for not understanding how scared he is. Huskies get in trouble all the time for this. I asked the coordinator when this dog was set to be euthanized and he said “today” and the reason was the aggression. I also asked if there were any options for him regarding adoption or being rescued by another rescue and the coordinator stated that his chances were slim to none because of his behavior.

So, I asked if I could attempt to slip lead him and walk him out of the kennel or at least see him and help me decide if I can handle him or let them euthanize him. I was literally his only option. I couldn’t just walk away without being sure for myself. The coordinater walked me to his kennel and I introduced myself to him. I knew immediately that he would be just fine. I said I would take him and offered to roll a crate in just in case. The coordinator, after seeing his behavior towards me, then did something amazing and said “I want to try.” I told him that if he could just get him out of the kennel that he would relax and could be walked to the van. So, he did. The coordinator walked my pup out with pride. It seriously made me smile that he trusted me enough to let me give this dog a chance. He was smiling so big and said “where there is a will.”

This dog almost died yesterday for doing husky things. I am so glad I was able to give him this chance. My heart beats fast thinking about him not making it another day and to see the coordinator break through the behavior, walk him out and lift his fluffy butt into the crate without even a snarl. Priceless. Yesterday was a damn good day.

Now that this kid has his life back, he needs a name. Any ideas?

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How about Simba?


Sep 06, 2023

I hope you got a video to show the whole world that most if not all, aggressive dogs in shelters, are ONLY aggressive because they are in the shelter

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