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It’s time to get a little deeper into the goings on at H3.

The last weeks have been me in constant need of guidance and answers from the mentors that have helped me get this far. I mean, yes, I did this, but I had people to help guide me, people who recognize and believe in my work the way that it is and people that get me for me.

Yes, every week will be emotional ups and downs, this week we are broke, next week we are not, today I want to quit, Tomorrow I’ll rescue 20 more, I’ll cry about intake holds as I drive to the shelter to save another life. I will rescue irresponsibly and use the stress to push forward and make shit happen. So don’t try to change me, instead grab onto your seat and hang on because rescue is the wildest of wild rides and I really want to share those experiences with you.

Don’t try to change H3. We have saved 1000 huskies just being us so this is that message to anyone that thinks it should be different, and it specifically for ANYONE that has told me to talk differently, rescue differently, tell my stories differently, change the way I portray the truth about my rescue for the sake of getting bigger donors and sponsors.

Do I need them? It would be cool to have that check just handed to me and being told, go, go save all the huskies, because you know that I would, but if I did that, then What stories would I have to tell you? Nothing interesting, just a cookie cutter way to rescue like everyone else. Well, maybe it’s time to change what isn’t working. That’s not such a bad thing.

Asking me to be professional and saying things more professional didn’t save 1000 huskies. I did, by being me, Jenni D, HBIC. So follow along. I promise it won’t be boring. I promise to be real.

Now, check out what I started in January of 2019 and look how far we have come!

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