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I need a little help. Just a little.

Not asking for much. I keep asking for the billion dollars and no one is listening, so can you throw me a 5? I NEED to cover this CA rescue ride. 6 more huskies in tow that will cost at least 5 grand to rescue. Not kidding. most of these boys need fixed too.

Uggg, if I could just get their gas and some collars covered?? I am out of money for transporting and out of collars too so forget the billion. Today I just need some gas money and some more collars.

FB is holding over $12,000 of our money that you guys donated. I haven’t yet figured out why after multiple requests from support. Really sucks because I have a 23k check to write next week for that concrete so if FB doesn’t give me us our money we might be leaving FB for good. Facebook, why do you think it’s ok to not pay the charities on time? Or at all? Do I really have to fight for this money twice?

Anyway, if you can help, we have Zelle, Venmo and PayPal and all of those platforms will give us our rightful donations. It’s all tied to

I could REALLY use your help.

Gas money and 6 collars. Martingale collars in light blue or light pink size medium. BAD. Our address is 121130 S 4180 Rd, Eufaula OK 74432. Not picky on collars. Martingale clip release in medium and light color is what I need so I can write on them. Pretty please #help #huskyrescue

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