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I’ll make a deal with you.

And this will cost you nothing but a few minutes of your time but will help us save THOUSANDS of husky lives. I’ll give you a chance to own the mustang if you can do what Britney did and create a Giving Tuesday Fundraiser for Husky Halfway House.

Ask your friends to help save hundreds of husky lives and help us earn at least $25. Send an email with a screenshot and the token is yours.

My goal is 100k and I have a 25k match. These donations will go towards that! With this money I will be purchasing our spay and neuter equipment and building out the clinic.

In just 6 days is the biggest day of the year for nonprofits to raise money for their missions and many, many of your workplaces will match donations on this day. Please consider helping out the huskies! #givingtuesday #supportrescue #huskyrescue

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