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I got 5 on it

Seriously, I got 5 on my brain big time so I am getting all cute with it.

I have this big box of all things dogs and husky and decided to go nuts times 5. It’s a box of keychains and stickers and handmade pens that you guys have donated.

I made 5 stacks of husky and dog cute things for this weeks raffle and guess what!? You get 5 chances to win one.

To keep up with my 5 vibe I am closing this raffle at 5pm on the 5th of June, just a bit over 5 days from now.

Check it out. You know you want this cute stuff. You can’t buy it, the pens and colored keychains were handmade and donated. This is your only chance. Ohh wait. You get 5 chances.

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