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Hop into Spring with Husky Halfway House!

Easter is coming and we have the cutest chocolate eggs! Do you celebrate Easter? What do you do? My friend goes all out on themed baskets for each of her kids and her family gets together for a huge egg hunt. I was an only child, so I got my own mini egg hunt every year. When it ended a big chocolate bunny would appear in my room. -Tracy

Get ready to be the best bunnies this year by following the link below (or if you just want some candy and can justify it by helping the huskies, we won't tell anybody). They have a ton of cute boxes ready to ship. And if you aren't sure what to order, gift cards are available as well. That way the huskies still get the funds, but you can take your time deciding on your tasty treats.

Please note that candy will start shipping on the 20th.

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