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Highlight the cuteness!

Highlighting these cuties again because they need a forever home including the other 245 in our care.

1.Adoptions are at an all-time low, that means hundreds of thousands are dying in the shelters. In order for H3 to get back to pulling from shelters we need homes for the ones we already saved. The rescue is not finished until they all have homes!!

2. Donations particularly monthly donations haven’t gone up in a few months. We need monthly donations to help provide the care needed for each dog. It’s at least $50 a month per dog to provide them with basic care. Preventions and food. If we could get 500 of you to sponsor a dog that would help us continue to provide the proper care to each dog.

If you can’t adopt, please sponsor a dog until someone does adopt them!

Help our dogs not be homeless and get us back to rescuing:





Emma Frost

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