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Hi guys, Jenni D here, with a few pupdates.

Happy dance. My last puppy finally got his home.

H3 is officially puppy free!! Well except for my cute little red roses who are still with their foster mom. Seriously, guys, I just cannot accept pregnant moms or any at risk and certainly no puppies under any circumstances. At least for now. I have to get what’s going on under control. I’m having food issues. I’m having social media platform issues and just going through all of the challenges that a facility my size is going through. With social media, being our sole source of income and turning out to be so unreliable I have to take this time to do something for the future of this Rescue. If we continue on, we will fail, and well, I’m not ready for that to happen.

Regarding the PayPal issue. If you are donating monthly and do it through PayPal, assume that your payment has been canceled.  The reason for this is nothing other than a glitch in their system that won't allow me to update information on the businesses profile, so they have blocked everything coming in. Everything is a mess. So please give me a year to complete the foundation underneath this mission so that it continues to sustain us for years to come. It is killing me that I cannot rescue as much or even close to what I have been doing but truly, now we need to care for the ones we have rescued and create a system that gets euth listed huskies out of shelters faster and into home faster.

Please consider monthly support. I am serious when I say that if I could get 50k people to donate $5 per month consistently, bringing in 250k a month, I will build a system that makes sure every husky on a euth list in this country, gets to live.

Last update. FB subscribers. If you are subscribed to my FB page, I just want to apologize for being so neglectful. Starting Feb 1st, so anyone already subscribed to the H3 FB page (you pay the huskies $4.99 a month) Will be entered into a special raffle that will be held once per month with a monetary value of over $100. All amazing items donated by you guys.

FB subscribers, I am going to call you “The Breakfast Club”. Why? Because your payment of 4.99 isn't part of the mess that is the charity accounts and actually drops into the bank accts through Meta without a problem.

It's a regular paycheck for the huskies and going forward this money will be dedicated to their food. In addition. Anyone in the breakfast club that can donate one bag of food per month, will get 10 additional tickets for the prize.

I also promise to start posting more video and pictures there that will be exclusive to you.

So, will you join my breakfast club? Its monthly support of 4.99 that buys food for the huskies, includes exclusive videos and amazing waffles (raffle prizes).

Here is the link.

Let’s all wish this Golden Boy the bestest life cause this cute pie is no longer halfway home.

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