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Hey, hey! It’s Friday!!

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Jenni D here, HBIC at H3.

What is everyone up to tonight!?? It’s raining here. And cold. 🥶

A little Friday night pupdate for you on the goings on at H3.

-Britney is planning to go live tonight with the jewelry raffle winner. She has a puppy who needs a home and wants to chat about him.

-yesterday, you guys helped me raise $25,000 for a poop tank for the huskies. Our garbage companies have dumped us and now we have to take matters into our own hands and build an underground system.

The order has been placed, the plumbing company is already setting plans for the install and the work will be done in the next few weeks. Thank you so much for you help. 🙏

-yesterday I wrote the final check for the electrical work needed for this phase of the rescue. It’s finally done. I even have electric in those cabins now, we just have to finish the interiors.

-the flooring and trim needed in the clinic has been chosen and order has been placed. We are on their schedule and that will be done by mid January. The entire clinic is getting ceramic tile to seal out any germs that might want to linger. This will cost about 15k.

-The exterior work needed on the clinic, needed because the dogs have chewed the walls off and tore the insulation every two feet surrounding the entire building, has been quoted out and just waiting on the builder to put us in his book. It will cost 25.5 to do the entire building.

-Today I authorized the purchase of 50 clinic kennels. We are waiting on the distributor to call with a quote. We are estimating 15k for the first set we need. These kennels would be used for medical management, special dietary needs and recovery after spay and neuter. They will be installed in the clinic itself. In the future we will need 8 more in the quarantine kennel and another 50 to complete the clinic.

-I have a lead on the equipement we need for spay and neuter and am pursuing it. I will keep you posted on the progress. By spring, our vet will be ready for more volume so the goal is to complete this phase in the next 6 months.

-we are no longer offering tokens for the car. At this time we have 1000 in the pot and are expecting more of you to come forward for not yet receiving an email since you haven’t sent us your reciept.

Please email with proof of your donation and to claim your token number. I have a last minute waffle happening that will end Sunday night at midnight. So you only have 48hours. I want to get this prize in the mail Monday morning so the chance is higher it reaches you by Christmas. Though I cannot guarantee it.

The waffle is for 3 different blanket and pillow sets. 5 dollars per tickets and you choose which waffle you want bite.

Check it out. These are stinking cute and I’ll push them more tomororw. Each one was donated by one of you amazing supporters to help us earn money for the rescue.

👇 it’s here. It’s cute. You want it.

Happy Friyay! See you tonight during Live with Britney.

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