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Hey everyone!

I've been eagerly anticipating our Panda Express fundraiser for days now. It's that time again to indulge in some delicious Panda goodness while supporting our furry friends. The closest Panda Express is about a 45-minute drive one way, so I always plan ahead, but trust me, it's totally worth it! I always make sure to get enough lunch for a couple of days!

No errands to run this time, except stopping for a pupcup or two! I have some guests with me right now, not huskies but boy are they cute! Anyways...

How about you? Are you grabbing Panda for lunch at work or dinner after a long day? Or maybe it's your day off, and you're just treating yourself? Whatever the case, let's make this the best P.E. fundraiser yet by getting everyone involved!

And don't forget to snap some pics! We'd love to see you enjoying your meal, bonus points if there are huskies in the shot, but we're all about celebrating furry friends of all kinds.

Here's the important stuff: This fundraiser is happening at any Panda Express in the U.S. Orders must be placed online or through the app, and don't forget to enter code 920305 in the fundraiser code box during checkout for us to get credit!

Let's make a difference together while enjoying some yummy food. Can't wait to see everyone's Panda pics!


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