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HELP WANTED: Dog Handler


Say hi to Eddy. This shy, laid back, not a care in the world wooly boy found himself in a shelter in the OKC area a few days ago so I busted him out. I think he is a boy anyway. I haven’t bothered to check yet since I wanted him to decompress first. He is just nervous enough to remind me to be careful. He is cool and he and I are going to be BFF’s.

Speaking of BFF. I NEED a new one. A BFF for the huskies, not me. My BFF’s are all huskies and there isn’t enough of me to go around so I am looking for another BFF for them.

Here is what I am looking for…

-BFF must be able to work FULL TIME, 40 hours per week onsite here at H3.

-Salary is based on experience and the understanding that we are a new business and a charity. You won’t get rich with money working here but your heart will be filled with husky love.

-you will need to be strong, alert and active. The huskies will tear you to pieces, fight over your attention, push you off the deck, dog pile you if you fall down, knock you over as you are walking by, pee on your legs claiming they are yours, your hands and arms and well your whole body will be covered in little scratches and teeth marks. You will always have to wear much boots, you will have to work out in the rain and snow and heat, not a day will go by where you won’t taste the ground dirt from one of them jumping up and putting a paw in your mouth. You will break up fights and act like the playground police.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

-your job will be to get to know each huskies quirks so we can match a quirky family. -you must be able to lift a 60lb husky into a grooming tub and bathe and blow dry no matter what kind of coat. -YOU MUST HAVE THE SKILLS TO BE A PACK LEADER.

And because I am so damn sick of every single person that is just dying to come and work here, getting their first paycheck then leaving never to be seen again, my first requirement will be a two week volunteer period.

We are a rescue. A charity. We are on a mission that doesn’t sell anything to people. Volunteer for two weeks and the job is yours.

Out of state applicants welcome!! You would have to get yourself here for those two weeks. You can come and do the trial then go back and pack your stuff, if that’s what you want to do but be careful, because we will not be able to sign an employment contract that will get you back to your home. If you want to move out of state to work with these dogs then do so at your own risk. If our new BFF likes it here, we can chat about helping out with a place to live if I can get a solid, promising two weeks of volunteering.

This job is specifically handling the huskies as well as grooming them, cat and crate testing, walking on leashes, rides to the vet ect.

Now, who has what it takes to be an HBIC? If you are weak, you won’t last so don’t apply please.

Send me a message. Let’s chat.

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