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Happy Birthday to H3

Hey! Since today is my birthday and BTW, I do consider this H3's birthday too because and I made the final decision to rescue on my birthday, I thought I would take you on a scroll through memory lane today! These are the huskies that started it all for me.

Back in 2016 my son had just turned 5 and I wanted a golden retriever puppy to grow up with him. I had zero clue about rescue. Zero. I did know about the NorCal Golden rescue so I applied to them. It took months for them to even reach out and when they did they denied my application.

I had a house with a yard, 2 kids and a dream for a golden puppy. I think the rescue got annoyed that I asked for a puppy and that's why they denied me. It's too bad because I ran out to Craigslist and bought one from a backyard breeder but not before I was scammed multiple times by other golden retriever puppy breeders.

I was still searching for the golden puppy but came across the picture you see below of the little brown eyed husky puppy. It was like I was smacked in the face. I spend the next day harassing the backyard breeder into letting me come right now and pick him up.

6 months later I bought Lotus, another puppy from the same breeder.

At about the same time,FB was discovering that I have a husky now and started sending me all the pages of huskies needing help, and that's when I saw Neo on the Tahoe Husky Rescue page. He talked to my very soul and I knew I had to have him so I harassed the rescue till he met up with me to let me asopt him.

After that it was all she wrote.. the pull to keep saving these dogs became so strong that I sold everything I had to move out of Ca to start a husky rescue.

And here we are. Over 1000 huskies saved since 2019. And I am just getting started.

Today is the day that I shamelessly ask you to donate to my charity for my birthday. Your donations will go to a poop management system for the huskies kennel and the electrical needed to finish the last part on the property that is without utility.

If you donate more than $50. I am giving you a chance to win that Mustang that's in my yards. It's an 04 40th anniversary Mustang convertible and yep, it's red and it runs perfect.

So can you? Will you donate for my birthday? A good friend of mine has challenged you all to match a 10,000 donation which would literally cover the entire poop project AND the electrical work being done as we speak

Please? It's my birthday and I need your help today. It's poop guys. I need poop help, for my birthday.

Dooo it.. I have saved over 1000 lives in just 4 years. I promise to save thousands more and will especially if you are all helping me by donating for my birthday. It's literally how we are saving their lives. You and me working together.

Thank you for considering! And have something chocolate for me cause I spent my birthday morning at the dentist and probably should behave when it comes to sugar today.

Happy birthday to me.  Happy Birthday to H3.

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