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We have another match to add on!! 4.9k match added with the 10k match!!! We have raised $5,089 of this now 25k!!!

We need $5,011 to reach this goal. Come on guys it’s time to show all of our love and support to the one that gives everything to provide for these huskies!! Let’s make her rescue wishes come true!! This is the HBIC, the one who started this place with her own money and two bare hands, she sacrifices every single day for these huskies… all the way down to moving out of her house so it can be turned into a vet clinic!!!

Jenni, you’re truly an amazing friend to have and an even better boss! Thank you for welcoming me into your world and letting me play such a huge role. I will forever cherish these memories and lifetime experiences, I’ve checked so many places off of my bucket list just because of you and well of course the huskies. I could never repay you for your kindness, love and strength 

Now let’s show the HBIC, how much we love her and her mission donate right now and let’s get her out of her sh¡ty situation! 50 gets you one last shot at the mustang, the mustang that will go to one of our supporters on Christmas Day!!

Here is to all of the adventures, sleepless nights traveling around the country getting dogs into homes and rescuing them. To the only person I can do this van life with… especially with 19! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HBIC!!!!  Together until they all have homes!!! -Britney

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