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H3’s HBIC is ISO a sassy BFF.

Husky style, to help me offload the mass amount of content I could be producing daily about what happens when you rescue hundreds of huskies and put them all together in cool place to teach each other how to be huskies again while they wait to get themselves adopted.

This is a paying gig so I need a few things from whomever wants to hang out with me. Also, you don’t have to live nearby. We can be long distance BFF’s.

-Must be a sasshole, like my huskies.

-Must be strong. Weak humans don’t hang long with me or huskies. We trigger bite and run all over you.

-Must be the independent type. Like those huskies that that will let you pet them for just a second or two and walk away like they don’t need you anymore.

-Must have mad video editing skills. I’ll provide the content, I need you to make a kickass video out if it.

-I have the kind of content that makes people rich on social media. My huskies need that money so recognize this and help me get them rich.

-Consider my work life or death and understand an urgency behind my decisions and by all means, keep up.

-Everything created is for the huskies and only H3 content can be used. No stock footage.

-Must speak husky. If you don’t, be willing to learn.


Email Let’s chat.

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