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H3 has PAID opportunities available

Officially ready for FOSTERS and willing to pay someone with my own (personal) money to help. That’s right, Jenni D, HBIC is asking for paid fosters.

My girl Rose and I need some help and so do some of my adults. If you would like to help for free that would be amazing!! Let’s see those hands!!??

GUYS, I am sorry it’s been so quiet around here!

I was pretty devastated when I ended up, without a choice, with yet another pregnant mama and unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get past it mentally.

250 huskies here and she will put me over capacity for my license when she has her babies here and that is a very, very big problem.

Also, after we lost Brees second baby girl from pneumonia and then yesterday hearing the news about Caroline passing away, well, it got worse for me and I have been shutting down.

I am officially defeated. I cannot rescue anyone becasue I have too many here.

Adoptions are the slowest, like, do I even have even 1 family out there that wants adopt one of these dogs? I guess not, because I am not aware.

Asking for donations without a car or something to incentivize it, is hard. Only big donations events are bringing in what we need to survive but the daily stuff will break us in a few weeks.

Expenses here are off the charts because of our numbers being the highest yet donations and adoptions are the slowest. It’s only a matter of time before we break and something drastic happens. Having another littler of puppies will likely be the straw that does it.

It’s time for another change because obviously what I have built here isn’t working and isn’t enough. I can scream, cry and yell NO, and yet I still end up with another litter of puppies.

No amount of begging for donations is getting us there faster. Needing a poop tank and having 250 huskies to literally daily care for means that money coming in goes out just as fast. It’s makes it hard to build a vet clinic with all this in the way.

Back to that defeat.

It’s time to admit it. I am officially defeated in my own element and need to make a slight change to push through it.

So, I am officially looking for a foster. A paid one. Yes, a paid foster home. Multiple paid foster homes. I get a tiny salary here to work 24/7 and I’ll give it to you if you will help me.

I am looking for a foster that I can trust completely to communicate with me and take care of my girl and her babies. One that can help me find homes for each of the puppies and any adults they might be able to take on.

My future fosters families will deal directly with me and me alone. I myself will communicate with you, make sure you have all the supplies you need and will even bring the dog, myself, to your door so we can be open and clear about everything involved. I will also be paying you myself, with my own money.

If you ever considered helping in rescue and want to do it right, get paid and be part of the solution, now is your time.

My focus needs to be on building a vet clinic and I cannot do that if I am drowning in puppies and dogs that I cannot care for alone or with the team we already have. Britney, yes she is a paid employee/foster, cannot take these puppies or more adults so I have to find someone that can. I need your help and you can earn a little cash. Email ME DIRECTLY.

Since that adoption trip isn’t happening, the one Britney keeps posting about, I will now focus on a foster trip. I can leave tomorrow, I just need 10 people to commit to a paid foster position. Interested? Email me immediately. We cannot waste any more time.

I’ll go all over the country, wherever I can find trusted families that will help.

And I need to do it now while my human kids are out of school on break.

You in? Reach out RIGHT NOW.

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