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Got a poop tank for my birthday.

I'll start with a huge thank you to everyone who donated to our crappy problem. It truly was a great birthday.

A few years ago, a local contractor offered to give H3 some free labor on concrete or construction because he liked huskies and appreciated my work. My silly little trusting self figured a LOCAL contractor wasn't going to screw the local dog rescue charity. I mean this town only has 3000 people in it.

I wrote him a check for $22,000 and asked that he build 6 temp controlled small sheds and a gazebo. These would be the houses I would initially build for the huskies.

About a week after he started the most horrible job out there, he packed up his tools and walked away with the charity's money.

He still trolls around FB here locally and scams people, seniors even. It's horrible and he really needs to stop but well, little ol me can't do anything about it, he will just continue to hurt people in this small town while authorities do nothing about it. (Yes, I did the whole lawyer thing and filed charges).

Anywho. I hope his life is awesome and I hope he has an awesome Christmas while we dig out a poop tank for the huskies 600 daily piles of shit and name it after him. FYI, I been planning to name the crap pile after him once the DA said they won't help.

H3 presents the C-3PO. Chris the Contractors Crap Pile. I added the "O" cause it just sounds more fun. And hey, when life give you daily piles of shit, name it after the guy who deserves the title the most. #huskyrescue #pooptank #c3po

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