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Good Morning!!!

I just wanted to throw another thank you out there to everyone that is supporting H3, our work and our growth. We cannot do this without you.

Miss Ruby. As I was creating this year's calendar, I began to realize how much Rubys story has affected me and how I run my rescue. Way too many lessons learned in a short amount of time and mistakes that I don’t want to make again. But what about Ruby? I have to live through each day knowing she chewed her tail off during her time with her monster and right now her monster is running free, while Ruby and the others watch and wait for above for us to be their voice. H3 Is now going to put some focus on getting justice for Ruby. I cannot promise anything other than the fact that I will never stop fighting and unfortunately it isn’t free, so I created Ruby's calendar book so she can help me take you on a journey through time with the H3 huskies while the book helps cover the costs for legal fees associated with the neglect and abuse of an H3 husky.

H3 has officially retained an attorney and is launching an investigation into what we can do to get justice for Ruby. Everyone knows I can’t talk more about the details, only trust that we are fighting and using every dime from the proceeds of the book to do so. Can you help? We are about $1500 into the investigation and as far as I am concerned, we can take it all the way to justice. Buy my book please because every dime is going to help fight for Ruby and others like her. The money will go to attorneys, investigators and whatever else is needed to fight. You in? We have to be their voice and I need you to help me scream it. It’s time for justice for Ruby, Hope, Oscar, Benny and every other husky we have pulled from the clutches of monsters. Donations to this effort are tax deductible.


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