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Fun Pasta and Cute Pics

It's the last day to put in an order for the fun pasta fundraiser! We are only $44 away from selling $2000 worth of noodles! Isn't that amazing? We get 35% of that total, so does anyone want to make a guess as to how much that will be? It could be more, depending on how many orders get in before midnight (Oklahoma Time). Let's have a little fun with it, share your guesses or your future orders. Share your pups or you eating the pasta you already got! Here is a picture of me comparing my paw print pasta to Bricks paw, enjoy the sequence of events lol. -Tracy #fundraiser #funpasta #supportrescue

Here is the link to get your pasta fix.

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1 Comment

Bellisima Benelli
Bellisima Benelli
Nov 07, 2023

Beautiful baby with the yummy pasta 🥰😍😘❣️

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