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Friyay!!! Five dollar Friyay!

Hey guys, happy Friday.  

My girl Torri and I are hoping we can get some help with the 2500 in vet bills we racked up just having these puppies tested for what’s going on with their kidneys.

Torri will need a very expensive food for the rest of her life to keep her kidneys healthiest and giving her a long life as well and that food costs the same as an entire pallet of donated foods by greater good, for just one bag.

Please, please help us out by donating 5 for 5 dollar Friday. We have three waffles happening now, each only 5 and that money will also go to pay these bills, so get yourself a chance for another gift under the tree and give me a chance to give these puppies a better quality of life with vet care and kidney friendly food.You in? we are only asking for $5 from as many of you that can help and with that, my puppies got their ultrasounds and bloodwork done.

HELP! Help me make this Friday a Friyay for my Halfway huskies. Please donate. is our digital address for PayPal Venmo and Zelle.

THANK YOU for supporting H3. THANK YOU

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