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It’s a great day to support your favorite husky rescue and get something in return.

My next book is almost ready but need to do a presale to make some money.

I am at this point in rescue where closing my doors due to lack of funds isn’t an option so begging for donations is what I have to do. BUT. At least I can do this in return.

H3 needs money. Everyday. It cost 10 a day per dog to run this place. With 250 dogs it’s 2500 a day.

Just this morning we paid a bill for over 4500. Over the last 2 months have spent 15000 in spay and neuter surgeries and I NEED 5000 more for attorney's fees. So, you want to start a rescue?  How about supporting this one for now?

I need like 20k just to get through the month.

So,click the drop-down menu for “Meeshka’s book donation.”

You must donate through this link to get the book so we can keep track. Books should be shipped and printed in a few weeks.

But I can’t wait that long, we need money NOW!

Anyone that donates $50 or more will get one of the first copies of my new book, The Puppy Farm. Anyone that donates $100 or more will get it pawtographed by the puppy farm mama in the story, Meeshka, and will also get a copy of my first book, Mushing Halfway Home which can be bought on Amazon.

So, can you help me? I’ll give you something in return, a copy of my next book not yet for sale and I’ll continue to save husky lives, care for them and place them into amazing homes.

The book sale will happen later, you get to see it first.

So, can you?

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