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Eve is officially HOME!

And I won’t lie this one brings me the most joy Eve is a senior and a puppy mill survivor all she has known is making babies and living outside, finally rescued by Jenni so no more babies and living in filthy environments, but still had never lived inside a home with her very own family.

This 8-year-old girl finally gets her forever home, where she will be surrounded by her family, living inside her very first home. This is rescue guys! This is what it’s all about, this is why we keep going and keep begging, please consider signing up/ subscribing to our breakfast club! It’s 4.99 a month and it helps us keep telling their stories until they all have homes!!

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So Cute!

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27 févr.

I'm so happy you have your forever home you'll be loved so much by your new family Eve and you deserve it baby girl


This is so awesome! I'm so happy for you Eve and so thankful to your new mom!! GO live your best life Eve!!💖🐺🌺🌠


Awwww yayyy Eve, go live your bestest life gorgeous girl! 😍 🥰😘

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