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Eleven Hours to GO!

11 hours. That’s it. I need help NOW.

That’s all that’s left till that double matched birthday fundraiser that Bethany is hosting, is over. Midnight tonight is when that match ends. .

Please donate even 1 dollar because it turns into 3!!! The huskies need that vet clinic and this fundraiser is going to help us get the lights on in that very clinic.

Please donate. Lives and an entire community will be changed, just by everyone pitching in 1. So how about 5? Cause that makes it 15. . This is bigger than us now. We have to build this for them and it’s tax deductible, so why not??

PLEASE HELP!! Here is the link to that fundraiser or you can donate to PayPal or Venmo and it will be included in the goal that’s double matched. You can also just donate to this post and it will be matched. FB does not charge fees! The huskies get every dime. If you need the last 4 digits of my number for Venmo it’s 8262.

In the meantime, it’s time for this boy to get himself adopted.

Tomorrow early evening, Hatchi and I are going LIVE to show you some stuff. We are going to draw the raffle ticket, wish Bethany a Happy Brithday live, show you some new concrete and answer some questions. We will also walk around and see some huskies.

Ohh and the puppies are going to paint a picture for MrBeast to hang on his bare wall.

But now, right now! Please donate to this amazing opportunity for this rescue. This literally means our lights go on in our vet clinic as well as funding the campaigns for the California rescue we are planning this month. It’s $5 Friday, it’s life and death, it’s everything to these dogs, it’s whatever it takes takes to get you to help me make a bigger difference for the animals in this country by working towards a spay and neuter clinic. You in? #FiveDollarFriday #spayandneuter #huskyrescue #donationsneeded #donations

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