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Do you guys remember what happened to Niko?

He was surrendered to animal control by the very person who adopted him from us, less than 48 hours after he was dropped off. When people ask why our adoption process is so "extensive," this is one of the reasons. We got him back, of course, and now that a few months have passed and the trauma has faded (for him and for us), it's time to find Niko a home.

Niko is handsome (obviously) and has just a little of that husky-tude that we love them all for. He absolutely loves people and is very easily corrected if the tude starts to go too far into sasshole territory. He wants to please and will be your best friend for life—especially if you give him meaty treats.

He has spurts of high energy but can also be laid back. Unless you are trying to brush him or use a blow dryer on him. That makes our handsome dude a tad grumpy, but we can't really blame him. When he came to us, his tail was so matted and coated in poop that it had to be shaved. Which drove him crazy because a weird stick thing replaced his beautiful tail. Not to worry though, his tail is back to being fluffy and as cute as the rest of him.

So, because of his past experience with being adopted, we need a very special person or family to step up for this boy. No more heartbreak or shattered promises—it's time to give him the love and home that he is so worthy of!

Niko is currently located at Husky Halfway House in Oklahoma. All H3 dogs, including Niko, are available for adoption throughout the USA, except for Hawaii and Alaska. We offer transportation services directly to your door upon approval of your application.

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Jun 19

Um, 48 hours?? Perhaps this person needs someone to start a whirlwind romance with them, marry them, hang around for 48 hours being completely uninterested, then dump them. No explanations, no remorse, no closure... just dump 'em and go.

Sorry, evil Jodi takes over the brain when people show out like the unfeeling O2 thieves they really are.

I'm so glad you made it back to the love and nurture of H3, Niko. Those other "people" weren't your peeps anyway. 🫂


Such a beautiful boy!! ❤️❤️❤️🐕🐕🐕


Prayers for a furever home for Niko.🤗

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