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Let's not forget about the huskies back at H3! We're in need of homes for them, in order to continue our rescue efforts.

Remember Chance?

He was just another stray dog found wandering the streets of Oklahoma, labeled a "bite risk" and requiring a muzzle for handling at the shelter. His notes described him as freezing at the sight of human movement, making a full exam impossible due to his flailing. It seemed like there was little hope for him to be adopted, and the shelter needed space...

That's when H3 stepped in, honoring Nela, an H3 alum lost to cancer. And now, he's ready for his forever home.

And guess what.

Chance is a sweetheart with everybody. Despite his rocky start at the shelter, he's playful and affectionate. In the yard, he prefers to hang out on the sidelines with the calmer huskies, not engaging in conflicts with the more energetic ones. Even if they corner him. He would not be a good fit for an alpha type group or a high-energy group.

Look at this picture and tell me that he is anything but a sweetie! Chance is currently located at Husky Halfway House in Oklahoma. All H3 dogs, including Chance, are available for adoption throughout the USA, except for Hawaii and Alaska. We offer transportation services directly to your door upon approval of your application.

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Awww Chance honey, we will find you the perfect home! 💓💓💓💓

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