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California Little Momma- We Need Help!

Time to BEG you to want that wooly husky.

Here is why.

This is my California nosky, Little Mama.

About two months ago, a shelter in CA sent me this girl. They wanted to know if I could find space for 12 euth listed huskies that had run out of time to be claimed, rescued or picked for adoption, and when I said yes, they put as many as they could possibly fit in their transport van and sent them my way.

Little Mama here was the one they added hoping she was husky enough to get a shot at getting her life back. She isn’t husky enough but she will get her life back. She is on her way to NC to meet her new rescue and will be taking the place of a husky that isn’t pibble enough to get adopted through them.



I NEED PEOPLE TO ADOPT #adoptionsaveslives

At this very moment the shelter in Stockton, CA has been given the go ahead to bring me another van load. What... I know, we are full... we should let them die? Instead of crying about space and adoptions, how about we make those happen.


I need money. I am currently driving a gas guzzling van around the country delivering dogs to their new homes and rescuing in the process.

Britney needs money. She is at Key Vet right now with her medical foster Bleu, who is having a much needed surgery and also putting thousands of miles on her personal van to get her rescues done, She is 4 huskies strong.

Karli is on her way to me right now with two huskies I said yes to at Stanislaus shelter and I want to cover her transport costs for them.

Meanwhile at the rescue, the money that I need to give to the contractor for all that concrete is going to get hit if I cannot get you to do one silly little thing.. just one. Spend $5 on a ticket.

Just buy the ticket. Please please. Doing so gives us 5 towards the rescue rides and gets you a shot at snuggling the wooly husky that won’t eat your couch or kitty or escape your yard.

If everyone of you here following and supporting these dogs, would reach into the couch cushions, if your husky hasn’t eaten them, and pull out enough to buy that ticket, we can do all of these lifesaving things.

Please? I HAVE to beg. How else am I going to cover it, cause my RBF isn’t doing it and no one has dropped that million-dollar donation on us so we can just rescue them all.

Maybe the mug on the wooly husky will entice you?

Here is the link to HELP ME SAVE LIVES.

The coffee basket is going to Britney to show her how much we appreciate how many lives she is saving with zero sleep. The wooly husky is yours and in return, we keep saving lives by the masses… but I need the masses to help. That’s where you come in. Please consider clicking that link.

On my next post, I beg for adoptions.

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