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Donations matched up to $10,000. 24 hours only.

Team H3,

$120,000. In one week, we raised six figures to save California huskies' lives - a milestone for H3, and perhaps American husky rescue.

You all showed up in the biggest of ways, donating $40,000 across platforms. That is amazing. Even if it means that you rudely presented me with a tab of $80,000 as my birthday present. You all are expensive friends.

Let's dig deeper just one more day for these dogs who will otherwise die. I have flexed far beyond the $50,000 that I pledged. Join me. Can you donate your morning latte to the huskies? Is there one meal out, one night at the movies, one little luxury you can give up for them? Is there one friend you can ask to follow us or give us their morning latte? Is there one husky group on FB you can ask to help support us today?

Why so much money? Where does it go? First, there are the standard rescue costs: Food. Preventives. Spay and neuter costs. Rescue pull fees. Unforeseen puppies. Medical emergencies. Temp boarding.

But many support us because we are site-based and employee run. We save lives at scale. We do the thing that so many have demanded that someone do: pull hundreds of huskies out of the highest kill states, and adopt them into the states where they are wanted.

We have saved more than 1,000 lives.

That is expensive beyond belief. It requires: Property mortgage. Multiple insurance policies. Staff salaries, from an administrator, to an adoption coordinator, to a property manager, to multiple full-time sanitation staff. Safety improvements to the property, from concrete sidewalks to coyote rollers. Massive transport costs to pull dogs far from Oklahoma, adopt them into states thousands of miles away, and pick up dogs if adoptions fail. Outside professional support, from compliance attorneys to accountants. Bulk waste disposal. Property repairs from husky destruction. Software licenses for everything from donor tracking to adoption processing. And more.

We've all seen the pleas: "Someone please save this precious baby." We are that someone. And it takes every last dollar that we can raise. Thanks for supporting us in giving 100 more California huskies their next chapter, their lives back. Our H3 community is doing this together, until they all have homes.

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What a beautiful infomercial, Love this and love being part of H3! 💗💗💗💗❣️

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