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Baby Bree

Starting my day mad, sad and pushing me to my limits, but about to put my big girl panties on and dry my damn tears. Rescue will not break me, rescue will not break me.. rescue will not break me. This is Bree and Baby Bree.

Last night around 11pm I held this baby girl for the 16th solid hour while she started with one siezure per hour and went up to a seizure every ten minutes or so. Doc says it wasn’t hypo glycemic and expressed as much concern about her outcome as I was prepared for. I knew when we took that 3 hour trip that my return trip would be once again picking up my baby girl in box. But I really wanted to try. So Baby Bree spent the night at OVS last night so that the Docs can determine what’s causing them. Docs words “scary vocalizing” did it for me. Baby Bree screamed in my arms yesterday for hours and I was so hoping a night at the vet would relive her pain.. I guess it did.

RIP my sweet Baby Bree. Thank you for letting me love you all day long and reminding me of my purpose here.. to stop this insanity that is rescue. Bree SHOULD NOT BE HERE. She should be in the arms of the family that chose her before they let her end up in kill shelter on a euthanasia list.. pregnant. This puppy should NEVER have entered this world just to be tortured by 5 days of trying to survive and losing in the end.

If I had a vet clinic onsite, I would have spayed Bree when she came in, her pregnancy at this point being very very new, and if I had a vet clinic, I wouldn’t have had to spend 3 hours driving to the nearest emergency vet in the middle of the night to spend $1000 on trying to relieve my girls pain. So so many “ifs”.

I am tired of the Ifs. I am tired of my rescues dying in my arms when doing something so important could change that outcome immensely. I need a vet clinic before I can rescue any more dogs. I know you all have given up a lot lately to help and many of you have made multiple donations over the last few weeks. Please know that every dime and every share, every positive thought and reason is going to go to fix this very big problem that we have, and for H3 it means we can no longer initiate a rescue until we can properly care for the rescues we have here now.

Giving Tuesday is coming and WE NEED YOU TO THINK OF US. It’s the biggest fundraising day of the year for nonprofits and many, many workplaces will match your donations. Please put aside a ten dollar bill for us. With it we will save thousands of lives. I promise you that.

Until Giving Tuesday and for the next 3 days, I am going to once again beg for donations to not only cover the $1000 expense my baby girl rung up yesterday but to continue the mission to build a spay clinic.

Everyone knows now I am giving away a Mustang Convertible on Christmas Day. You can only win the car by supporting H3’s mission through monetary donations. So if you can spare another $50, remember, I need hundreds of thousands to do this vet clinic, for the next 3 days, (Tuesday at midnight), I’ll give you a token to win the car.

You can donate anyway. Through PayPal, Venmo, Zelle or sending a check postmarked till Tuesday, are the handles, please mark your donation as BABY BREE and not the car, just say Baby Bree so we can keep them straight.

I want to rescue dogs out of the shelter.. every day I mourn their deaths, but I need to get to the root of the problem first and can by building a spay clinic. I need your help. Please. Together, till they all have homes. #together #thefuture #spayandneuter #huskyrescue

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Ladies…and gentlemen,

I cannot tell you enough or explain it but I’m positively in love with the work you do and your dedication!

To each and everyone…being a former administrative assistant, it does indeed take a village. I’m so impressed I’d like you to edit my monthly contribution to be $100.

I’m beyond impressed! And I’ll continue my other stuff as needed.

Prayers being sent for y’all…..

you all rock! doggies included. :)


Bellisima Benelli
Bellisima Benelli
Nov 12, 2023

I am so heartbroken 💔 😞 Baby Bree did not make it. You always do the best you can by all of these precious rescues Jenni. We love and appreciate all you do!!! ❤️ 🥰😘💓💞❣️

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