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Hi all, I am Jenni D, HBIC here at H3. In case you are new. Welcome.

Rikki and I have some things to talk about and now will be a great time. First, Rikki is happy in her new home in Maine, and I couldn't be happier for her. She recently had a great trip, got the greatest family and is doing great. She got lucky. There were 3 others on that trip that didn't get so lucky, and my team and 3 dogs made a trip around the country for absolutely no reason than other to waste our time and cost my rescue money.

So now things are going to change going forward. This is the first announcement I am making on this matter and throughout the day we will update our website to reflect the changes as well as work on a "frequently asked questions".

In regard to Adoption, transport and fostering.

1. H3 will continue to waive adoption fees for qualified adopters. In fact, having that $25 monthly support has proven to be way more efficient than adoption fees. Monthly support keeps our monthly bills paid so that's the angle we are pushing. There are multiple reasons for going this route and I don't think it's too much to ask for anyone that wants to help us rescue a dog. Many of you have adopted from me and are no longer honoring that monthly support. Maybe it's nothing to you, but you are stealing from us. We need that money to save dogs. Please honor your part. My team will be sending emails to those of you that have stopped the support. Not cool, not fair and your killing more dogs by taking away from us.

2. H3 NO LONGER TRANSPORTS DOGS TO THEIR NEW HOMES. We do, however, adopt out of state.

We will be transporting those we have already made plans for, particularly the trip Britney is about to take and my small fry going to Nevada.

OTHERWISE. Adopters are now required to come to us. Yourselves. We will not allow a transport service to pick up your new family member. You wouldn't send a cab to the airport to pick up your newly adopted child right? Same goes for your newly adopted husky. Anyway, we need to meet you in person. Before the trip is made, Britney will have done reference checks and asked for proof and videos of your home and where you live.

3. H3 no longer uses fosters or boarding facilities. I have 3 trusted fosters that help me find homes. Britney and Taylor and Key Vet in Wheeling WV. That's it. I don't have a need for anymore unless you want to do big things like Britney and Taylor do, such as learn how to run a rescue right and have your own H3 "hub" someday. If one of my huskies has to spend even a minute in a boarding facility other than mine or Key Vet then the rescue or adoption doesn't happen.

From this day forward. When H3 rescues a husky, it's done with H3 hands and H3 hands only. If I cannot pull, transport, rehab myself and trust a family to take the steps needed to bring their best friend home, then find a new best friend please, because Ruby, Blaze, Cynthia, Sawyer and so many more mistakes are mistakes I won't make again.

Welcome to the new H3. Where the priority is the husky, we rescued and the rescue isn't complete till the day the family I have chosen, and I, lay to rest the soul that we saved.

I know, I know, last month I was screaming about saving them all. And then a monster took one of my huskies and tortured her so bad she chewed her own tail off. So again, welcome to the new H3.

#rescue #rescueright #huskyrescue #thenewh3

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