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A little Saturday morning share about my Red Roses.

Cameo Anderson - Writer / Illustrator blows me away every time.

My little legacy, Torri, the face of my new adventure, an adventure that will take me and my halfway huskies to a place where we learn how to grow, mush and be huskies.

Last year Cameo, Cassandra Louise and I wrote a story about the halfway huskies going to MN to learn how to mush in hopes of getting adopted faster.

This year, we begin to make that dream a reality. Follow along, it’s going to be an amazing adventure and I want to share it with you, every bit, the good times, the bad, the learning, the growing and the falling flat on my face. I cannot wait! You can buy my first story on Amazon! Every dime goes right into the huskies charity accts. Every dime!

Mushing Halfway Home: An H3 Journey with PRS :

I'll be live later tonight with a cool new project! Can’t wait to tell you all about it!!

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