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$5 Friday!

It's Friday. The last day.

Wait, it's $5 Friday and we still have one more day!

We have what we need for concrete, woot!! We got what we needed for the drainage system, woot, woot! Now it's time to get the electric turned on and start building the roads. We need gravel! Please DO NOT STOP helping these kids! Donate, shop our store and buy this weeks raffle ticket! Today is the last day cause tomorrow the husky puppies are going LIVE to draw the winner. Husky puppies live? You don't want to miss that! Husky puppies going live cause they are alive?? Yes!!

Help with that here. . It's full of cute dog and husky things and helps me keep more husky puppies alive! I'll post some pics in the comments. #raffle #huskyrescue #supportcharity #alive

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