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It costs about $350 per husky to spay or neuter, microchip, parasite test, treat and prevent plus all the shots needed including a rabies shot to get them ready. 

Your spay sponsorship gets a halfway husky ready to be no longer halfway home by doing the one thing that can stop the cycle of homeless animals in this world and thats to remove the reproductive organs from their furry little bodies so we the people can control how many end up homeless, injured, neglected or euthanized in a shelter for space.

Every dime of your spay sponsorship goes straight to Dr. Roberts, our vet, who will be here at H3 this coming Thursday to spay as many huskies as she can in one day. There are about 30 here who need done before they can no longer be halfway home.  The huskies want to say thank you for sponsoring by sending you a thank you card, signed by your sponsored husky, and a wood carved H3 collectible. 

Sponsor My Spay

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