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It costs about $10 per day per husky if we add in everything it takes to run H3 per month including rescue, transport and vet expenses and divide it by how many huskies are here.


Your daily sponsorship get a halfway husky ready to be no longer halfway home by providing high quality foods and treats, temp controlled kennels, vet care needed to be ready for adoption to include spay and neuter, microchipping and regular shots, and a clean and healthy environment free of poop and unhealthy hazards created daily by such a large group of dogs. The huskies are housed in a facility built to provide treatment beginning with the rescue, and everything needed through rehab until the husky is chosen for adoption and is no longer halfway home. 


Every dime of your sponsorship goes into the care of the huskies onsite here at H3 and they want to say thank you by giving you three free entry tickets to the raffle that is currently running when you sponsor one of them for the day. If your sponsorship falls in between raffles, we will add you to the next one. 

Sponsor Me Daily

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