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Meet Moo Cow!

Kenai is Husky/Aussie/Lab. Kenai goes by his nickname Moo Cow. He got his nickname because the inside of mouth, his nose and his back are all spotted like a Holstein Cow. Moo Cow loves to learn. With him it's very challenging to keep his mind busy because he's such a quick learner and will want to move onto something new right away. Moo Cow knows all basic commands, he's a therapy dog, he loves mushing with his PRS team. He is sometimes the lead but rotates with Demon often for the wheel. Moo cow knows weight pulling,agility, barn hunt, fast cat, parachuting, CPR and is an Emotional Support Animal for his mom. Moo Cow is many things but a few of hisb favorite thing to do is give hugs and go to classes to read his books to children. Moo Cow is in several children books, coloring books and comic books. You can find them on Amazon under Cassandra Severson or Cameo Anderson.

Kenai has this disease called Eosinophilic Granuloma, this is very rare in dogs mostly common in cats, but 76% of the cases have been in Huskies. It can be caused by some type of allergic reaction. Moo Cow was diagnosed with this at 1 year of age when he was stung by a bee. He has flare ups often, they are lesions in the back of his throat and his muzzle swells up. It gets to be scary, we have to get him on steriods right when a flare up happens or he could potentially die if not caught in time. Moo Cow was also recently diagnosed with Sards. Sards is where they go blind over night or with in a few weeks. We are trying a vision supplement to try to slow things down but won't cure his blindness. With sards he won't be in any kind of pain and there's no cure. We just have to learn to navigate through life. And we will need to have visit the vet often for check ups. The vision supplements are around $50 for 45 capsules and Moo cow will need 3 capsules a day. The cost will be around $150 a month for the capsules.


Art by Cameo Anderson

100% of all proceeds go to Moo Cows vet bills. 


Canva makes these for us and it can take them about two weeks to get your shirt to you so order now! We do not have control over size. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please note that Canva is unable to ship to P.O. boxes


Moo Cow Hoodie

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