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Will work for food.  

Benny had to. For 5 years he stood tied to a tree as a lawn ornament begging for food while his owners watched from inside the house claiming he was sick when in reality, he was starving. With the help of local animal control and authorities, I was able to talk the family into letting me purchase Benny for $100.

You heard that right. The city manager escorted me to Bennys house to buy an abused and neglected dog rotting away on a local citizens tree for $100. That day I named him Benjamin aka Benny. Real classy Oklahoma, nice job.

Benny is doing great, nice and chunky and going through Heartworm treatments as we speak. Back to will work for food.

It’s been exactly two weeks and we are now out of food. We have one pallet being donated but otherwise we are now that guy, begging on the social corner, for food.

I wish I could find more programs like the one that gave us this food because unfortunately it’s not enough to feed 250 dogs. Meanwhile I have to ask you for help.

We are a charity; this is a rescue, and your donations are tax deductible.

Here is our Amazon Wishlist. We desperately need food, harnesses and leashes.

 I’ll give a raffle ticket for for every bag of food donated.  YOU MUST EMAIL to claim your ticket. The raffle is for a blanket from Coma Inducer and husky keychain lanyards. Thank you soooo much for considering us.

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